Koch & Associates  is a manufacturer and distributor of safety products for the propane industry. With over forty years of experience in the industry, we understand the concerns that marketers and dealers have with safety and the need for day to day compliance with codes and standards.

Propane Marketers know the NFPA 54 code requires a leak check of a gas piping system for new installations or whenever there is an interruption of service, such as an out of gas delivery. The question is: when their bobtail driver or service personnel need to do the test, do they have the equipment available that makes this as convenient, and cost effective as possible?  If they are still using a high pressure test block for leak check testing, the answer is no. Using a high pressure test block is time consuming and not cost effective.

Manufacturers of gas regulators have supplied regulators with outlet/inlet pressure taps for several years. This feature is utilized in current state of the art leak check testing assemblies manufactured by Koch & Associates rather than using high pressure test blocks.

When using Koch & Associates gauge assemblies or kits with a pressure tap in a gas regulator, it is no longer necessary to install the high pressure test block, making the procedure less time consuming, more convenient for the bobtail driver or service personnel and more cost effective for the marketer. All this also makes it more likely the test will be done in compliance with the code and your company policies.

In addition, testing gas regulators to record the flow set point and lockup pressures is often required when installing new appliances or trouble shooting appliance performance. Koch & Associates has kits available for service personnel that are designed for this requirement and can also be used for leak check testing.

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